Somerville Wire

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The Somerville Wire—an initiative of the Somerville Media Fund—was a web-based news service covering Somerville, Massachusetts from 2021 to early 2024. The publication shut down due to lack of sufficient donations to enable us to expand our paid staff from a single part-time reporter to one or two full-time editorial staff. We have left this page up as an archive of the Wire’s work. Its content was produced by professional journalists, Somerville residents and workers, and Somerville Media Fund and Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism interns. All Wire articles were made available for republishing by independent community news outlets for free—and by larger commercial news outlets and chains for a fee. Anyone interested in learning more about the Somerville Wire and its legacy or republishing Wire articles can contact Somerville Media Fund staff at

The public at large has free access to all Wire archive articles here at