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Worker checks ballots as polls close in Ward 5. Photo by Ryan DiLello. Copyright 2023 Ryan DiLello.
Worker checks ballots as polls close in Ward 5. Photo by Ryan DiLello. Copyright 2023 Ryan DiLello.

Winter Farmers Market … and More!


As City moves on master plan, asbestos extends school closure


Cultural Capacity Forum

The City of Somerville invites residents to a second forum on Monday, November 13, at 6 p.m. at 11 Sanborn Court regarding the draft recommendations from its Somerville Cultural Capacity Plan work, which was launched in March 2023. The City has hosted approximately 30 Community Conversations that were open to the public and organized by interest groups (i.e. visual artists, event organizers) and identity groups (i.e. BIPOC participants, recent immigrants). These conversations addressed the question: How might we help arts and culture thrive in Somerville? 

Residents are invited to participate in citywide forum #2 on November 13th, which will focus on the recommendations from those conversations. The meeting will provide an overview of the process to date, a panel discussion by the Cultural Capacity Ambassadors, and break out sessions with all attendees to review a draft of the recommendations and actions. For further questions, please contact Greg at


Somernova Community Conversation

On Wednesday, November 15 the Union Square Neighborhood Council and Ward 2 Councilor J.T. Scott will hold another meeting to discuss Somernova’s 10-year, multi billion-dollar proposal to expand its campus. The development will add industrial research and development space, offices, creative spaces, and a community center. Register here.


Somerville Winter Farmers Market

The Somerville Winter Farmers Market connects local farmers and small businesses with residents of Somerville and the Greater Boston Area to build a sense of community over a shared love of food. The Somerville Winter Farmers Market empowers visitors to develop a personal connection to the food they eat by learning where it comes from, how it was treated, and how to prepare it, directly from the producers.

This marks the SWFM’s fourteenth season. The market is committed to providing the community access to local and healthy foods as one of the only farmers markets in the area that operates during the winter months. This year they are excited to host over 71 vendors over the course of 21 weeks, providing some of the best locally grown and regionally produced agricultural items including vegetable produce, cheese, eggs, meats, fish, breads, pastries, and chocolate. Learn more here.

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