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Screenshot of Marc Levy and Jason Pramas video. Image by Jason Pramas.
Screenshot of Marc Levy and Jason Pramas video. Image by Jason Pramas.

Share concerns about collapse of local news media and stonewalling by Somerville officials

Early on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, a person died in the middle of Davis Square in Somerville, Mass., USA. No news outlet reported on it … and the City of Somerville and Somerville Police Department said nothing about the incident to the public. In the accompanying video (below), Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism Executive Director and Somerville Wire Editor Jason Pramas talks to Cambridge Day Editor Marc Levy—the one journalist who did try to report the story over 12 hours after the death was noticed on local social media—about the problematic response he got from the City and the SPD when trying to find out what happened and how this situation relates to the rolling collapse of independent news media in Somerville (and around the United States).

Here’s the link to Marc Levy’s initial Cambridge Day article on the matter for background:

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